Monthly Archives: June 2010
Hubspot: 2010 Facebook Page Marketing Guide June 29, 2010 Social Media

Hubspot released a new ebook a couple of weeks ago, compiled and edited by the Who’s Blogging What folk, with yours truly contributing the Facebook measurement chapter. It’s behind a registration ...... Continue »

Money Left on the Table June 28, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to quantify how much money your shopping cart is missing out on...... Continue »

Integrated View of Visitors = Multiple Data Sources June 22, 2010 Analysis

I attended the Foresee Results user summit last month, and John Lovett of Analytics Demystified was the keynote speaker. It’s a credit to my general lack of organization that I wasn’t ...... Continue »

Be-Still My Analytical Heart June 22, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Okay…I’ve been quiet about the Coremetrics acquisition by IBM for long enough now. While the dust still won’t settle until sometime in Q3’10, when this deal passes FTC scrutiny, I’m ...... Continue »

Traffic Correlation Hack June 21, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn a "hack" to see Visits & Unique Visitors for Correlations...... Continue »

Thoughts on IBM's acquisition of Coremetrics … June 16, 2010 Analytics Strategy

By now you’ve heard that IBM announced today their intent to purchase Coremetrics. While I was caught off guard by the news — it was all over Twitter before I’d ...... Continue »

Site Wide Bounce Rate June 14, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn a "Hack" to calculate Site Wide Bounce Rate... Continue »

From Data to Action — The Many Flavors of Latency June 9, 2010 Analysis

I was flipping through the slides from a workshop that Teradata put on at The Ohio State University several months ago, and one of the diagrams jumped out and resonated ...... Continue »

Update from The Analysis Exchange … June 7, 2010 Conferences/Community

I have been so busy with clients, presentations, the launch of Twitalyzer version 3.0, and trying to enjoy the onset of summer I have been a very bad blogger. I ...... Continue »

How to Prove Your Testing Results June 7, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to prove your Testing Results...... Continue »