Monthly Archives: August 2011
Have You Picked Up a Copy of "Social Media Metrics Secrets" Yet? August 30, 2011 Reporting

John Lovett’s Social Media Metrics Secrets hit the bookshelves (Kindle-shelves) earlier this month, and it’s a must-read for anyone who is grappling with the world of social media measurement. It’s ...... Continue »

Are you a Super Accelerator? August 23, 2011 Adobe Analytics

When John, Adam, and I announced the ACCELERATE conference last week we really didn’t expect the response we got, much less that the seats we had planned for would fill ...... Continue »

Privacy Whitewashing, History Sniffing, and Zombie Cookies, Oh My… August 22, 2011 Analytics Strategy

This content originally posted on the ClickZ Marketing News & Expert Advice website with thoughtful comments and numerous reactions on August 11, 2011. There’s a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and ...... Continue »

ACCELERATE 2011 is SOLD OUT August 17, 2011 Adobe Analytics

Yesterday we announced that Analytics Demystified was bringing an entirely new type of event to San Francisco in November: ACCELERATE! Today I am chagrined to announce that ACCELERATE 2011 in San ...... Continue »

Thoughts On Our 1st G+ Foray August 17, 2011 Adobe Analytics

This week the Demystified Partners forfeited our weekly meeting to hang out with our fellow #measure peeps on Google+. We felt that the thread about web analytics technologies and where ...... Continue »

What I Learned About #measure & Google+ from a Single Blog Post August 16, 2011 Analysis

Quite unintentionally, I stirred up a lengthy discussion last week with a blog post where I claimed that web analytics platforms were fundamentally broken. In hindsight, the title of the ...... Continue »

Announcing ACCELERATE 2011! August 16, 2011 Adobe Analytics

We are incredibly excited to announce that registrations are open for our newest community initiative designed for digital measurement, analysis, and optimization professionals, ACCELERATE! The first event will be held this ...... Continue »

Massive Web Analytics Throw-down in Google+ August 10, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Much to my chagrin, having been outed by the local newspaper for my original dismissal of Google+, it appears that the web analytics community is prepared to go “all in” ...... Continue »

Web Analytics Platforms Are Fundamentally Broken August 9, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Farris Khan, Analytics Lead at ProQuest and Chevy Volt ponderer extraordinaire, tweeted the question that we bandy about over cocktails in hotel bars the world over during any analytics gathering: His ...... Continue »

Gamification — One Angle to Consider w/ Social Media Campaigns August 3, 2011 Reporting

At least once a month, something comes up that reminds me of the power of applying the lens of gamification to campaign planning. While slightly off topic for this blog ...... Continue »